Get Out Of Your Head And Into Her Bed By Deploying The Perfect First Date Ever Single Time! 

First Date Formula!

From the second you say 'hello' until you the second she leaves your apartment, Im gonna walk you through the PERFECT first date and share all of my secrets that's lead to unlimited sex, laughter, and relationships!

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Here's What You'll Discover In First Date Formula:

  • Creating Powerful Mindsets

    Creating the right mindset behind giving her a date night she won't soon forget.

  • The Twirl Technique

    The initial meetup, Do you shake her hand, hug her, kiss her on the cheek? We suggest none of those. We use the twirl technique to kick the interaction into high gear right from the start.

  • The A-Z's of Conversation

    The A-Z of exactly what to talk about so you create attraction and have fun instead of conduct a boring interview type date.

  • The Touch Ladder

    When to touch her, how long, and where specifically to turn her on so by the end of the night you're playing tonsil tennis not getting your hand pushed away.

  • Bedroom Bets

    My personal vault of bets that always lead to bedroom activities!

  • Sexual Innuendo Mastery

    The art of sexual innuendo in person so you get her actively thinking about sex and wanting to lead the date there so you don't have to lift a finger... (Yet)!

  • The Best Date Types

    The types of dates that create attraction through fun so you never have a boring date again.

  • Conversation Time Warp

    Conversation pacing techniques, it's like putting the interaction in a time warp. You can actively get her thinking about you being together which drops her guard and let's you connect on an intimate level MUCH FASTER!

  • The Kiss Technique

    How, when, and where to kiss her so you don't get rejected EVER. Using my fool proof first kiss technique you'll have her virtually begging you to kiss her within an hour of your date. 

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Add The Audio Course To Your Order Today:

Just $97 $67!